Habitat 47 is a short Virtual Reality-experience I created from scratch together with Antonia Pehrson and Peter Hamlin for the HTC Vive! I did art direction, object & environment design, all 3D-modeling, concept art, 2D-art and script. Antonia made the music and sounds and produced the project and Peter did all programming. We made this project primarily to learn about games development, VR, 3D-modelling and programming. The game is made with Blender 3D and Unity.

Dome Layout.jpg

Habitat 47 takes place in an earth-like garden where the human settlers on Mars are experimenting with agriculture and animals to create a sustainable man-made ecosystem and a future for themselves on the new planet. You move around by teleporting through the VR-enviroment exploring your surroundings. 

Habitat Konceptskiss.jpg
Habitat 47 Creature 03.jpg